About our clinic

For 16 years, the clinic of Doctor Kulikovich has helped people to be healthy and lead a productive life. The clinic’s mission is the treatment of patients suffering from complicated clinical pathologies using ecologically safe non-medicated methods.

The clinic’s methodology represents an independent system based on traditional Chinese medicine and achievements in modern medical science, including unique diagnosis and treatment methods.

The clinic’s methodology is primarily aimed at finding out and eliminating the cause of the disease, not its symptoms.

After establishing the diagnosis, we begin a complex treatment of the whole body, recovery of cell metabolism, structural and functional state of the vitals, energy state, and energy circulation.

Our treatment includes low-intensive bioresonance therapy, laser, magnetic, electromagnetic, and microwave therapy, auriculopunctura, electroauriculopunctura, and opthalmocolortherapy.

This approach not only treats the whole body, but also prevents the development of diseases. Also, our diagnosis program finds diseases in their early stages prior to clinical implications and appearance of pain. It helps to combat the disease in due time.

The great advantage of this methodology is its harmless effect on the body, activation of its own energy and rehabilitation of health.

Unique methodology, a large diagnostic base, a complex approach to treatment and health improvement of the body, and advanced equipment achieve good results in the treatment of patients with the most complicated chronic pathology such as osteoporosis, hepatitis, heart disease, disease of the vessels, bronchi, and lungs, nephritis, urolithiasis, pancreatitis, arthrous-arthritis, osteochondritis, ulcer, colitis, etc.

The results of treatment at the clinic of Doctor Kulikovich are close to 100%. The treatment is affordable and not more expensive than other medical centers. It gives you the possibility to be healthy and enjoy your life today.

Having undergone safe and painless treatment, you will get rid of different health problems, obtain the lost harmony with yourself and the environment.

The clinic of Doctor Kulikovich.
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Пушкина А.М.: Боль в пояснице
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Я пришла в «Клинику доктора Куликовича» с болью в пояснице и между лопатками. За 8 лечебных сеансов боль значительно уменьшилась. Теперь я не принимаю таблетки и чувствую себя намного лучше. Огромное Вам спасибо.