Our advantages
  1. Our laboratory has been accredited to conduct measurements in the field of medicine. Certificate of laboratory state attestation No. ПЧ-069/2007 dated 31st May, 2007.
  2. Modern automated equipment, which doesn’t involve an operator during laboratory analysis, provides high-quality results. The laboratory has equipment made by leading world producers of laboratory equipment from Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, Spain, Japan, Latvia.
  3. High professionalism of the personnel.
  4. A wide range of research: from typical to exclusive.
  5. Research is made on chemical agents made by the leading world producers which guarantee reliable results.
  6. Quality control on all stages of laboratory research:
    -pre-analytic (preparing the patient for the examination; intake, delivery and storage of biomaterial; state inspection of the equipment; water purification; climate-control of the research zone; preparation and storage of reagents etc.
    - analytic (multilevel internal and external evaluation of quality control)
    - post-analytic.
  7. For many years the laboratory has participated in external evaluation of quality control of laboratory researches: internationally in Barcelona, nationally in Kiev, and locally in Dnepropetrovsk.
  8. Within the Dnepropetrovsk region, the laboratory is declared referent for glucose researches by “Bionime” (Switzerland) and “Johnson & Johnson” (USA).
  9. The usage of disposable sterile systems of blood intake, produced by Germany, guarantees the research safety both for the patient and for the medical staff.
  10. Comfortable, hospitable, benevolent atmosphere of service.
  11. Period of execution for most researches – 1 day.
  12. The possibility of doing extra research without additional blood intake within 30 days.
  13. Convenient operating hours.
  14. Service provided for patients with no age limit.
  15. Convenient location in the city centre.
  16. Competitive prices.
  17. Nurses are provided for analysis intake at your house, if necessary.
  18. Guaranteed research confidentiality (if necessary)
  19. Guaranteed collegiality in relations between colleagues and readiness for feedback.
  20. Our goal – constant development and progressive growth!




К.О.: 42 года
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Заканчивая второй курс лечения в Клинике, я хочу поблагодарить Ю.Н.Куликовича за прекрасную Клинику, за его смелость внедрения новых медицинских технологий.
Первый раз я принимала лечение по поводу проблем желудочно-кишечного тракта. Я была поражена, почувствовав колоссальное облегчение, не принимая медикаментов, как это принято обычно в здравоохранении.
Сейчас, я обратилась за помощю, зная заранее, что облегчение гарантированно. Мня начали беспокоить боли в спине после физических нагрузок. Я решила, что это проблемы остеопороза.
В Клинике мне порекомендовали пройти денситометрию. В результате этого исследования было определено снижение плотности костей массы – остеопения.
Пройдя 10 сеансов лечения почувствовала облегчение. Сейчас самочувствие мое улучшается, боли в спине не беспокоят.
Еще раз благодарю Ю.Н.Куликовича  и весь коллектив Клиники за чуткое отношение.