Our Principles

Our clinic has a wide range of up-to-date diagnostic equipment made by leading international producers. The equipment is designed to conduct high-quality diagnostics of a person’s body state.

Lots of equipment available at the clinic have no analogues in Dnepropetrovsk, represented by single pieces on the territory of Ukraine.

In our clinic we conduct the majority of examinations which proved to be good in traditional European medicine (X-ray photography, ultrasound, thermography,  densitometry, different functional researches, laboratory researches, etc.)

However, it’s not a secret that examinations of this type only find a disease at its current stage.
In such cases, you can only guess the causes of these diseases. It’s very hard to get positive constant results under such diagnostics, when “the cause of the disease is not cured, but its effect.” Often, ill people. with the help of doctors. combat diseases for years. Each following year the effectiveness of their treatment gets worse and worse. Taking this into account, the clinic developed and unsuccessfully implemented its own diagnostic program “From the general to specifics.”

The program includes the best methods of traditional European medicine, as well as lots of information about the human body from around the world. Unfortunately, they weren’t practiced that much by doctors from Soviet medical schools.

Our diagnostic program from the general to the specific consists of two stages.

Stage 1 includes 5 test computerized inspections, allowing us to estimate the body's condition in general and to find the cause of the disease.

  • Computer infra-red thermography.
  • Voll's computer diagnostics of the organism.
  • Computer vegeto-resonance diagnostics.
  • Computer pulse analytical diagnostics.
  • Nakatany's electropuncture diagnostics.


Stage 2 allows us to completely examine the problem organ or organs with the help of such methods as ultrasound and laboratory diagnostics, osteo densitometry, functional diagnostics.

The whole diagnostic process takes only 5-6 hours and allows us to efficiently evaluate the patient's condition, to find the cause of the disease, and its cause and effect relations.

This gives us an opportunity to treat not the disease but the whole body. After completing the diagnostics, medical sessions take place using our own methods with an application of modern biotechnologies.

Medical methods are based on the information we obtained during the process of diagnostics.

Each series of diagnostics provides us with  specific information on the condition of the body which is used for setting out individual parameters of medicinal influence.
We have developed our system of diagnostics and treatment on the basis of this energy model of the disease.



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Уважаемый Юрий Николаевич! Я благодарю судьбу и интернет , что они свели меня , познакомили с Вами, с Вашим замечательным коллективом , с Вашим "Оазисом" здоровья доброжелательности, внимания и заботы. За 17 дней пребывания в Вашей клинике я поняла, как мало ещё в нашей медицине таких уникальных мест, где можно и на восьмом десятки лет почувствовать себя молодым в душе и физически здоровым человеком. Спасибо Вам Юрий Николаевич, спасибо Вашим докторам, спасибо сестричкам, за великий профессионализм своего дела, спасибо и особая признательность Ирине Александровне и Татьяне Анатольевне, Денису. Их опеку я чувствовала постоянно. Всем вам моё почтение, будьте здоровы, счастливы и удачливы.