Osteochondrosis treatment. Dorsodynias

Under the term of osteochondrosis the doctors understand the whole complex of problems, connected with dorsodynias. Thus, recently doctors pay considerable attention in treatment of osteochondrosis to lesion of disks. At revealing of problems with disks surgical treatment of osteochondrosis, such as laser vaporization and replacement of disks is often recommended. However, the patients after such treatment of osteochondrosis aren't always satisfied by their condition. From our point of view it is the consequence of narrowness of view on the problem of osteochondrosis and its treatment.

Our experience allows us to tell that dorsodynias is usually connected not only with lesion of intervertebral disks, but can also be caused by the individual reasons which affect nervous plexuses, roots, joints, copular and muscular apparatus. Each of these structures can cause dorsodynia in patients. Therefore, it is important to define the reasons of dorsodynias at osteochondrosis and its treatment.

Besides, it is necessary to note that everything in human body is interconnected. So, the back aches, when suffer the organs providing metabolic processes in a backbone (here we don't consider the cases of traumas).

On the condition of backbone the great influence is rendered by kidneys. In kidneys there is activated vitamin D – the main hormone of an osteal metabolism that starts osteal synthesis. Poor work of kidneys promotes development of such disease as osteoporosis. As the consequence of this disease there decreases the support ability of backbone that affects the condition of intervertebral disks and there emerge chronic dorsodynias. Because of decrease of osteal tissue density the disks can interfere through the endplate into a body of vertebra, there emerge the so-called Schmorl's nodules – the fact that even more damages the functional ability and backbone fastness.

The liver as the powerful biochemical laboratory influences on homeostasis of disks. Liver diseases lead to venous stagnation and inflammatory processes, negatively affect muscular condition of backbone and regenerative processes in vertebral structures. Energetically it shows itself in the form of fever syndrome that is well visible at infra-red thermography.

Pancreas diseases lead to disturbances of metabolic processes in organism, inclusive of backbone. Pancreas – is a powerful enzymatic organ from the work of which there depends the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Disturbances in work of kidneys, liver and pancreas always affect the condition of backbone and promote osteochondrosis. Osteochondrosis treatment should always include manipulations directed at normalization of work of these organs.

To our clinic often come the patients, inclusive of those, who gave passed the operative treatment of osteochondrosis, in whom we find out a lesion of nervous plexuses viruses of herpes group. Such patients complain of constant aching pains in the region of back. The manipulation, traditional pharmacotherapy and physiotherapy don't give desirable effect in case of such osteochondrosis. And it is not surprising for us; as such treatment of osteochondrosis does not influence either virus itself, or the reasons which has created favourable conditions for development of viruses.

Our diagnostics of osteochondrosis gives the possibility to define both the reasons of dorsodynias, and original causes of the arisen pathological condition. The knowledge of etiologies in each concrete patient allows us to realize the cause-and-effect schemes of treatment of osteochondrosis. We treat osteochondrosis selectively, precisely and effectively.

For the period of our clinic operation there was carried out the treatment of osteochondrosis in thousands of patients. In all patients there is achieved the positive take at osteochondrosis treatment.

Here it is necessary to note that the patients with virus lesion of nerves demand longer therapy. Such patients usually note appreciable improvement after 20 sessions of treatment of osteochondrosis, when concentration of herpes sharply decreases.

Our treatment of osteochondrosis – examples:

The patient M., 62 years old. Before application to our clinic he has been operated in Kyiv with the aim of treatment of lumbar spine disks abaissement. After return home he couldn't start the usual activity. Within 6 months, despite various therapeutic actions, he couldn't walk and didn't leave the house.

During diagnostics in our clinic there was found the herpes virus in lumbar plexus and sciatic nerve. Herpes virus was in kidneys. On an infra-red thermography there was observed the expressed zone of hyperthermia in the region of lumbar spine.

The reason of osteochondrosis in this patient was the lesion with herpes of nervous structures that led to disturbance of disks supply, their fragmentation and abaissement.
The patient passed 3-week course of treatment of osteochondrosis according to the clinic techniques. Just a week later the patient took to the wheel and felt sound person.

Patient G., 34 years old, came in clinic for osteochondrosis treatment in October 2009 with complaints about pain in cervical spine and interscapular area, undue fatigability, emotional instability and headache. She treated osteochondrosis as an out-patient according to the place of residence with variable success. During examination in clinic there was identified the Coxsackie virus in humeral plexus, Epstein-Barr virus in dodecadactylon and in kidneys – spores of streptococcus. At densitometry there was identified the expressed osteopenia.

The made diagnosis: Expressed osteopenia. Vegetative-vascular dystonia as to hypotonic type. Astheno-neurotic syndrome. Gastritis with increased secret producing function. Dyskinesia of bile passages as to hypermotor type. Osteochondrosis of cervicothoracicus region of backbone.
There was carried out the treatment with the use of techniques developed in clinic – without administration of medicines, only 18 sessions. As a result the state of health improved, dorsodynias escaped.



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